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Shan Shwe Taung

Shan Shwe Taung brings fermented tea leaves to the mass market. Try our unique flavours and discover something delicious, simple and bursting with flavour.

Shan Shwe Taung fermented tea

Fermented tea has been a part of Myanmar’s culture for centuries, often shared at ceremonies and given as gifts. But when we created Shan Shwe Taung, we wanted to shake things up and bring this delicious delicacy to everyday life. Now, it’s become an affordable daily essential in homes across Myanmar.

The original flavour

Shu-Shae (sour & spicy) fermented tea is our own original creation, and it’s very special indeed. We made it in 2003 and it’s now the leading product, with 80% of Myanmar’s market share. As a mark of industry quality, we’ve also received FDA and HACCP certification.

There's nothing quite like it

Fermented tea leaves boast a unique flavour that’s slightly sour, slightly spicy and absolutely delicious. The must-try dish is tea leaf salad, called ‘lahpet-thoke’. This colourful bowl is served with mounds of peanuts, sesame seeds, garlic, fried butter beans, chilli, tomatoes and lettuce.

Fermented tea is also perfectly paired with noodles, fried beans, rice and traditional curries such as pork, chicken, fish and mutton.

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