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Where we operate

We manage the entire journey from our farms in Myanmar to your table wherever you are in the world, leveraging our expertise and adhering to best practices to bring you the best tea products.

A member of staff processing tea leaf in Paline Tea Factory

Organic farm & factory

Our operations are housed within two certified factories, both HACCP and organic certified, strategically located in Ywangan Township, Southern Shan State, and Pyigyitagon Township, Mandalay, Myanmar. Together, these facilities boast a remarkable capacity, capable of processing 144 tonnes of organic raw tea and 39,824 tonnes of non-organic raw tea per year, ensuring top-notch quality and operational efficiency.

Our own tea farm, nestled in the picturesque Ywangan region of Southern Shan State, spans an impressive 400 acres. This agricultural haven, graced with majestic mountains and natural waterfalls, serves as a captivating tourist destination. The region is predominantly inhabited by the Shan, Danu, and Burmese ethnic groups. Among our dedicated farmers, the majority are Danu women, comprising 90% of our workforce. They are engaged in the cultivation of tea, coffee, and vegetables. Currently, we collaborate with 252 farmers, with each farm averaging a production of 10 viss (equivalent to 16.3kg) per acre.

Our tea offerings encompass a spectrum of quality grades, ranging from premium to middle grade. A substantial 80% of our raw materials are sourced from collectors. Furthermore, our tea farm doubles as a training centre for aspiring organic tea farmers, with future plans to transform it into a tea museum. The tea plants typically begin to flower from October to June, with harvesting taking place from April to September so if you wish to visit us take these seasons into consideration.

Join us on this journey of sustainability, taste, and tradition as we continue to grow and nurture Myanmar’s finest organic tea.

Myanmar Tea Leaf market map

Our markets

From the mountains of Myanmar our products reach diverse markets through various channels, ensuring accessibility to tea enthusiasts worldwide. You can find our premium Myanmar tea, including organic and fermented varieties, at our official shops, local markets, hotel chains, and online platforms, enabling convenient access for our valued customers.

As pioneers in the Myanmar tea industry, we take immense pride in being the first organic exported foreign company for Myanmar’s fermented tea. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is evident as we export to the USA, the UK, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, and Singapore, offering both organic plastic packaging and non-organic containers and raw fermented tea. Experience the essence of Myanmar tea, wherever you are!

Our locations


The home of our day-to-day operations

Head Office & Factory

Head Office & Factory
No.152/153, Wa (9), 65th Street, Between 114th and 115th Street, Pyi Gyi Tagon Township, Mandalay, Myanmar
+95 9 456 889 999 (WhatsApp)
+95 9 456 887 777 (WhatsApp)

Yangon Office

No 5/C, Laeyar 7th Street, 10 Ward (North)
Yadanar Road, Thaketa Township, Yangon, Myanmar
+95 9 514 456 6
+95 9 756 680 062
+95 9 429 445 60


If you’d like to visit us in person, come and say hi at our store in Mandalay. Located in the bustling downtown area near Mandalay Zay Cho, the central and largest market in Mandalay, our shop offers a delightful selection of certified organic tea. Discover the rich flavours of Paline products and Shan Shwe Taung Shu-Shae (50 kyats), along with delicious fried beans. Lwal Paline, our brewed red tea, is a treat not to be missed.

As stewards of the environment, we prioritise eco-friendly practices. Our packaging involves minimal plastic, promoting recycling through the use of boxes. Inside our shop, you’ll find a warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly toiletries, and natural cleaning supplies.

Experience the true essence of Myanmar tea while supporting sustainable choices at our shop.

Shan Shwe Taung – Zay Cho

No 14, 85th Street, Between 28th & 29th Street,
Mandalay, Myanmar
+95 9 514 870 1
+95 2 408 203 8
+95 9 502 030 9

Organic farm & factories

Our organic Paline products are all made at our farms and factories in villages in the Ywangan Township, Shan State.


  • Mya Zay Ti Village
  • Mya Aye Ti Village
  • Mya Thein Tan Village
  • Ah Lal Chaung Village

Ywangan Township, Shan State, Myanmar


  • Mya Zay Ti Village
  • Ah Lal Chaung Village

Ywangan Township, Shan State, Myanmar

Conventional tea farms & factory

Our Shan Shwe Taung products are made at our farms and factory in the Pindaya Township, Shan State.


  • Kyan Khin Myaung Village
  • Pangsit Village
  • Shwe Puhtoe Village

Pindaya Township, Shan State, Myanmar


  • Kyan Khin Myaung Village

Pindaya Township, Shan State, Myanmar


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To support the Mya Zay Ti village during the pandemic, we donated food supplies and essentials to the villagers.
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Our teams helped deliver food donations to the nunnery school in Sagaing division.
Paline family donation for flood victims in Amarapura, Mandalay 2020Community
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Donation to flood victims in Amarapura, Mandalay

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